Meet Our Team

了解 King 车队的组成


Team Manager: Yu Zhu Huaijin

Responsible for all team matters and overseeing operations to ensure smooth running.

Engineer 1

Chief Engineer: Wang Guansheng

A racing engineering expert, proficient in scientific and engineering knowledge, optimizing performance for our vehicles.

Engineer 2

Assistant Engineer: Zhou Xinbing

Responsible for basic maintenance and logistical support.

Engineer 3

Third Engineer: Zhang Xingyu

Responsible for reporting damaged vehicle parts and providing logistical support.

Business 1

Business Manager: Wei Xingcan

Responsible for all business department matters, expanding our sponsorships and partnerships, supporting team development.

Business 2

Business Liaison Officer: Li Zerui

Utilizing his expertise to promote our team and attract new opportunities.


Deputy Business Manager: Li Wenshuo

Managing the team's website and social media accounts, drafting team plans.